How to write a budget and stick to it!

We've all done it – spent hours writing a complicated budget that will finally rein in those pesky finances. Perhaps there will be a few weeks of following through on good intentions, before slipping right back into old habits.  But should it really be that hard to write – and stick to – a realistic … [Read more...]

Over 50’s want to work longer…

According to a research involving 500 people, conducted by the Commonwealth Bank and Financial Services Council, around 72% of people over 50 are happy to stay in the workforce longer and 61% state financial security as the major reason. The findings come after the survey was prompted by the … [Read more...]

Stepathlon – we’re getting fitter by the day!

On 2nd September, Stephen, Anne, Cath and Chris, along with other office staff have undertaken a 100 Day Race, called Stepathlon.  We have to walk 10,000 steps per day for two months. This equates to 6.5km per day minimum. Stephen and Chris have been getting up each morning and heading straight … [Read more...]

End of Year Distributions from Managed Funds &Trusts within WRAP

Ever wondered how distributions affect unit prices or why there may be end of financial year delays to unit prices and transactions? We answer some common distribution questions and outline what to expect: What is a distribution? A distribution is a profit earned by a managed fund and paid to … [Read more...]