Our Investment Portfolio Construction Philosophy

Our aim is to:

  • Limit or reduce surprises in your portfolio ie. choose investments that have a low volatility.
  • Utilise where possible investment funds that don’t have a fixed asset allocation strategy.
  • Utilise assets that don’t take on higher levels of risk relative to their peers.
  • Choose investment products that don’t all invest the same way. More is gained from diversifying the fund management process rather than simply diversifying the fund manager.
  • Utilise capital protection where applicable.

The above is vital, particularly for those approaching retirement and in the immediate years following retirement. As such we believe some funds offer some “risk control” (RC) because they contain some of the above characteristics. We are not saying we can eliminate ‘negative’ returns from your portfolio but by minimising those negatives your portfolio doesn’t have to work as hard to regain the losses.