Stepathlon – we’re getting fitter by the day!

stepathlonOn 2nd September, Stephen, Anne, Cath and Chris, along with other office staff have undertaken a 100 Day Race, called Stepathlon.  We have to walk 10,000 steps per day for two months. This equates to 6.5km per day minimum.

Stephen and Chris have been getting up each morning and heading straight for the ‘fire trails’ at the end of their street to walk. It’s cool and crisp to start with but after a few steep hill climbs they are feeling warm.  Anne has always been active anyway and walks/runs each morning, so no problem for her! Cath is a member of a gym, so a lot of her classes work as credits towards her step tally.

So how does it work? Essentially there are teams of five, competing against each other. Each are issued with a pedometer. Participants enter their daily steps into the Stepathlon ‘course’ via the Stepathlon website. Steps are converted into kilometres as teams engage in an online race around a virtual world. We will be competing against our own two teams as well other teams across the globe.

What’s the point? To get moving and get more active. At the same time we are raising money for charity.

Here are some interesting facts for you to mull over:
It takes 6,452 steps to walk off a serving of fries
It takes 5,238 steps to walk off a slice of pizza.
69% of men think they’re fit. 13% actually are.
You can lose 315 calories an hour without leaving the comforts of your home by engaging in some good old housework!