Access to Mortgage & Lending Services

The days of simply going into the local branch of your bank to arrange a loan are gone. Today there are a myriad of loan products and it is nearly impossible for you to know if the one you are arranging is the right one for you.

Then there is also the problem of ensuring that the structure you have in place is both tax efficient and tax effective. One of the greatest problems we have, is when a client has arranged a loan prior to seeking our advice, only to find that what they now have is not exactly what they require.

We specialise in ensuring the loan structure you need is the one that you get, and we work closely with a firm called One10 to source the product that suits you. One10 are loan aggregators with whom we have worked closely since 2004. We ensure they source the best product (from over 20 loan providers) to suit your requirements.

Loans can be for:

  • Home purchase
  • Investment property purchase
  • Other investment purpose
  • Our mortgage reduction program
  • Personal loans
  • Equipment and car finance