Colleen Loder

Some five years ago, my husband and I took a realistic look into our financial situation - which had very limited growth.   On advice from a family member, we contacted Mr Stephen Mason, an accountant and financial advisor of Customised Financial Planning at Engadine.  He has been in the both the … [Read more...]

Palliative care: Facing mortality with care and support

For many of us, we may associate palliative care with aged care; however, in reality, it’s for anyone with a life-limiting or terminal illness. In this deeply moving Ted Talk, Lucy Kalanithi shares ... Launch Video … [Read more...]

Tax refunds and investing in yourself

“The most important investment you can make is in yourself.” (Warren Buffett). In this article, we explore this quote within the context of helpful spending suggestions for making the most of your... Read More … [Read more...]

Super engagement: Your annual super statement

Super will be one of the biggest financial assets that you will ever own in your lifetime. Despite this, some of us find it difficult to actively engage with our super – often only doing so upon rec... Read More … [Read more...]