My Aged Care Website – RAD and DAP’s Now Published

To have a look at the published prices for various Aged Care Homes, click on the link below.

Then go to the Aged Care Homes tab.
Click on High Level residential care.
Scroll to the bottom of the page.
Click on “Find an aged care home”.
Enter the postcode. Select Level of Care, Special needs, then search.
Homes will be displayed in the area.
Click on “View Details” of the home you are after.
Click on the Costs tab.
Scroll down to find the RAD and DAP for each type of room and the description.

Not all homes have their particular details published yet.

According to our contact, Mary Baumann of Aged Care Placement Services, RAD’s may still be negotiated but only downwards.

Some homes have the strategy of publishing the maximum price, but are willing to accept less based on negotiations with the resident or their representative.