Aged Care Placement Services

We are pleased to advise that we now have a referral contact within the Aged Care services industry.   Mary’s experience within Aged Care facilities has given her unique insight into the needs of residents, and it is apparent that she is passionate about appropriate aged care placements and residents’ welfare.

Mary Baumann – Phone:  0488 338 188

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Aged Care Placement Services business was developed in order to assist families to find a placement for their loved one that is based on their individual needs and preferences.

Services provided can include:

  • Organising an Aged Care Assessment (3020);
  • Advising you about the facilities that suit your needs based on their services, location, social programs and fees and charges;
  • Identifying the top three to five facilities that meet those requirements;
  • Organising tours of facilities;
  • Attending appointments and tours of the Residential Aged Care Facility;
  • Organising admission into your preferred Residential Aged Care Facility;
  • Liaising with facility and health professionals to organise admission dates and times, and
  • Collating and helping you to complete all necessary admission documentation.

Please refer to the website for further details and information or alternatively contact Mary directly.

Mary Baumann – Principal

Phone:  0488 338 188