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Should My Super Pension Be Reversionary to my Spouse?

The simple answer to this is not necessarily! The historical thinking on this was that it was always best to make a pension reversionary to your spouse. This meant that when the pensioner dies, the surviving spouse can continue to receive the tax advantaged (usually tax free) income and the … [Read more...]

“Franking” – What Is It?

One of the benefits of investing in shares directly or via managed funds, is receiving dividends which have franking or tax credits attached. A franking credit represents the tax paid by companies and then passed on to you as an investor. It may reduce your income tax with any leftover credits … [Read more...]

Express Families Phone App

This is highly recommended if you have anything to do with Centrelink and have a smart phone. Please click on the link below to find out more detail about the Express plus services App: … [Read more...]

Paul Jordan

Recently our business was hit with a major cash flow problem. Stephen came up with the solution that by utilising our superannuation funds, we were able to retain all our assets and inject the necessary capital into our business. We have used the services of Lister Mason (& Customised Financial … [Read more...]