General insurance: Home & contents insurance

The loss or damage to property due to storms and fire can be devastating. General insurance can help in this regard. In this video, the Bureau of Meteorology explains the recent weather conditions. Launch Video … [Read more...]

Jargon buster: Property investing edition

In the finance industry, there can be a considerable amount of jargon. In this article, we help you to understand some of the commonly used jargon in the residential property investing environment. Read More … [Read more...]

Building super together

According to ASFA, the lump sum savings required at retirement for a comfortable lifestyle is $640,000 for a couple. In this article, we cover building super savings together via spouse contributions. Read More … [Read more...]

Residential aged care: Family home

Whether to keep or sell your home can be a complex decision when looking to enter residential aged care. In this animation, we illustrate the various options, and the potential impact of each on you. Launch Video … [Read more...]

COVID-1 economic response measures

The JobKeeper Payment program, which began on 1 March 2020, has now ended (on 28 March 2021). In this article, we provide a status update on several of the other COVID-19 economic response measures. Read More … [Read more...]

How working couples can support each other

In June 2020, there were roughly 3.3 million couple families with both partners being employed. In this TED Talk, Jennifer Petriglieri offers guidance on how working couples can support each other. Launch Video … [Read more...]

Update: Indexation of contributions caps

The contributions caps limit the amount that can be contributed to super. In this article, we provide details on the future indexation of the contributions caps (concessional and non-concessional). Read More … [Read more...]

TPD insurance: Ownership structures

When establishing an insurance policy, it’s important to choose an appropriate ownership structure. In this article, we cover total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance and ownership structures. Read More … [Read more...]

Pension loans scheme animation

Our retirement income—and subsequent retirement outcome—can be affected by how we use our assets. In this animation, we illustrate one option to boost retirement income, the Pension Loans Scheme. Launch Video … [Read more...]

Age Pension entitlement: Eligibility tests

The Age Pension remains is a key source of income for many older Australians in retirement. In this article, we discuss the Age Pension and the eligibility tests that need to be met to qualify for it. Read More … [Read more...]