Melbourne Cup 2020 staff function

This year's Melbourne Cup was spent at The Crest Hotel, Sylvania. Everyone wore their fancy Cup attire and a lot of fun was had. We thought you might enjoy a look at our pics from the day.... The team... Daniel, Chris, Stephen, Cath, Lisa, Winnie and Dimos   … [Read more...]

Taxation update: Personal Income Tax Plan

In the 2020-21 Federal Budget, proposed changes to individual taxation were announced. In this article, we provide an overview of these now legislated changes and what they may mean for you. Read More … [Read more...]

Personal insurance pre-assessment animation

A pre-assessment is an informal way of finding out how insurers may view your formal insurance application. In this animation, we illustrate pre-assessments and their associated potential benefits. Launch Video … [Read more...]

Super re-contribution strategy explained

Super benefits may comprise of two components: a tax-free and taxable (taxed element) component. In this article, we discuss a re-contribution strategy—one way to increase the tax-free component. Read More … [Read more...]

Key home loan repayment considerations

A home loan will most likely be the largest, and most time/cashflow-consuming, debt you’ll pay off in your lifetime. In this article, we provide information on home loan repayment considerations. Read More … [Read more...]

Financial behaviours and financial wellbeing

Active saving and not borrowing for everyday expenses—these behaviours can positively impact your financial wellbeing. In this video, Saturday Night Live offers a light-hearted skit on this. Launch Video … [Read more...]

Legislative update: Your super, your choice

Not all employees can choose the super fund for their employer contributions—recent legislation seeks to address this issue. Alongside this, we share a video by Jason Silva on the paradox of choice. Launch Video … [Read more...]

Home improvements and overcapitalisation

In 2016, roughly 8.4 million (62%) of Australia’s 13.6 million home-owners did some kind of home improvement. In this article, we provide information on home improvements and overcapitalisation. Read More … [Read more...]

The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)

As at 30 June 2019, 900 different medicines in 5,455 brands were listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). In this article, we discuss the PBS, as well as the Pharmaceutical Allowance. Read More … [Read more...]

Super lump sum withdrawals animation

When looking to fund your retirement from your super benefits, it’s important to understand your options— and their appropriateness. In this animation, we illustrate super lump sum withdrawals. Launch Video … [Read more...]