Archives for December 2019

Strategies to overcome personal or work related problems

When faced with a problem, it’s important to consider your approach to overcoming it. In this TED Talk, Dr. Lani Nelson Zlupko provides strategies to overcome a personal or work-related problem. Launch Video … [Read more...]

Practising self-care: Relation, rejuvenation and reflection

For many of us, work forms a major part of our daily lives. In this article, we discuss burnout, work/life balance, and the importance of practising self-care over the festive season (and beyond). Read More … [Read more...]

Getting ahead financially: Household financial waste

Getting ahead financially can involve an analysis of your existing financial situation; seeing if adjustments are required in one or more areas. In this article, we discuss household financial waste. Read More … [Read more...]

Your financial situation, goals and objectives animation

Understanding where you are and where you want to be is vital when setting out to achieve the latter. In this animation, we illustrate the phrase, ‘your financial situation, goals and objectives’. Launch Video … [Read more...]