Archives for January 2017

Douglas Atkins

I have been a client of Lister Mason, CPA's  for the past 25 years. Recently I used Stephen Mason's services in his role as a financial planner, through Customised Financial Planning. I am extremely happy with the advice I received. The Statement of Advice Stephen prepared was clear and … [Read more...]

Update: Superannuation reform package

The dust has now settled, and several new tax and superannuation bills have been formally passed through the House of Representatives and Senate corresponding to the Government’s ‘Superannuation Reform Package’ announced back in the 2016 Federal Budget. The majority of the Government’s proposed … [Read more...]

Salary Sacrifice

Salary sacrificing is a term that many of us have heard, but what does it actually mean and how can we benefit from its use? In our animation we consider the tax-effective and wealth accumulation benefits of entering into a salary sacrifice arrangement with your employer. Launch video... This … [Read more...]

SMART Budgeting

For many of us that make resolutions, during or at the end of the year, we often unfortunately set ourselves up to fail. This may be due to a combination of factors such as unrealistic expectations, ill-defined goals and objectives, poor time management skills, the wrong mindset or simply just … [Read more...]